Bruce Wiseman on Positioning

Listen to On Target Research Founder Bruce Wiseman talk about the basics of positioning and branding, and how those ideas drove some of our company's most successful market research.

What our clients are saying

"The information the hotel received was detailed, accurate and objective. The information and insight was worth every penny. I have already used this information to take corrective action in our need areas and as a training tool to educate my associates."

Scott M. Ragatz, General Manager
Courtyard by Marriott, Norwalk, CT

"(On Target's) research, broadly gathered, accurately tested, deeply and widely analyzed, and clearly communicated to your client reflects a paradigm of excellence to which other research firms should aspire."

Jackson Bain,?Chairman & CEO
Bain & Associates

"The positioning that grew out of your research was nothing short of stellar. We now have a strategically researched, laser-like position that will dramatically assist us in rolling out our new brand."

Jeffrey L. Donner, President
Matrix Lodging, LLC

"The business we received from these surveyed menus was phenomenal. Our take-out business increased 150% in just a few days. It has leveled off in a range about double what it had been before the survey was done."

Peter Bedrin
Manager,?On Location Restaurant

"On Target Research is fantastic. Their ability to extract relevant and powerful data from C- level executives is remarkable. In a short period of time we were able to get profound insight into the hearts and minds of our potential clients. Their research is invaluable for all of our marketing, branding and sales initiatives."

Michael Alexander
President,?Asperion, Inc

"When we implemented On Target's research survey findings, our profits increased and marketing costs decreased. From a financial analysis of our company, we discovered that over a two year period, On Target Research saved our firm over $300,000 a month or a ball park total of $7.2 million dollars so far."

Robert Cefail
President,?Robert Cefail & Associates

"We took bids on this project, and none of your competitors offered such a short turnaround.... At the same time, your cost was lower than all the competitive bids, again permitting us to move quickly and get more for our budget for this project than we would have afforded from anyone else."

Kerry Osborne, Ph.D., Vice President, Systems & Information
NUSIGN Outdoor Media
Marketing isn't an arcane art; it's a precise science with measurable results. With advanced survey technology and other methods, we'll discover exactly what will make potential customers reach for your product or service every time.
In an advertising or product awareness campaign, positioning is the art of crafting a corporate identity that has positive associations in the minds of your target market. On Target can find you a rock-solid position from which to launch or expand.
Once you know precisely who your target market is and what they need and want from you, we'll help you craft a name and an image that both embody the essence your product or service and strongly resonate with your potential customers.
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